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About Us

A Little About "Russians Brides Agency"

RBA office

Russians Brides Agency was launched in May 2007 as member of a Latin Dating Network initiated in 2005, with thousands of members and partnership with Anastasia International (the industry leader founded in 1993).

Russians Brides Agency has its own dating system as the result of many hours of work, and a visualization of an online dating service using Internet to make easy for men from the whole world, the task of meeting real Russian and Ukrainian Girls for friendship, enjoyment and/or marriage.

Now, that vision of the past is true, and at this moment we are responsible of several dating and marriages between foreign men and CIS Country Girls (Russia, Ukraine and Belarus).


Why us? 

We are in the Dating Industry since 2005 and we helped lot of men from the whole world without limitations. We receive and read literally hundreds of men and girls profiles and we only accept the most cute and real girls. These reviews help men as you to find the correct women for a serious relationship and avoid scam. We also made lots of city tips that you can use as talking points with these beautiful ladies.



Because we know that the most important thing about internet dating is about what to talk with the girl you want, how to write a good online profile and last but not least we know about CIS Girls. For these reasons, we approve only those girls with real profiles and wrote talking points, articles with Russian and Ukraine customs and general online dating tips to have success. Your successes make us happy.

We honestly suppose and know that behind all we say and do, the main feature in this dating business is the believing and trust. The Men, who submit their name, address, and personal pictures must belief in us, how they present them. If you are a user of our dating service, you must trust that the information that you are receiving are current and from Russian or Ukrainian girls who really want to meet a real man for an extraordinary relationship.

We know our tasks and responsibilities, and we are sure that we will achieve your confidence as you utilize our dating system.

If you have a problem using our system, with our employees, with our partners, or with any of the ladies that respond to you, please contact us immediately.

We are totally committed to service, it is our number one priority, and we will do everything within our power to ensure you are satisfied!



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