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Russian Customs and Traditions
Jul 12, 2012

Russian girls only smile when sees or meet a familiar person or when she is flirting, or when she is...more

Russian Superstitions
Jul 12, 2012

The Russian Girls are very superstitious and for that reason there are many traditions and rituals, which will be strange...more

Russian Gastronomy
Jul 12, 2012

All of us know that the typical food of Russia is not as popular as other countries foods in Europe...more

Russian Foods - First Part
Jul 12, 2012

A Russian traditional meal, is composed by a Starter or appetizer (they call it "zakuski"), which may be of any...more

Russian Foods - Second Part
Jul 12, 2012

Second Entry

As a second entry, they will offer you a variety of dishes with meat, chick and fish. For example...more

Where to Eat Russian Foods
Jul 12, 2012

Here you can read where you can eat fast and cheap food in different cities a long Russia. We list...more

Some false Myths about Russian society
Jul 12, 2012


The Russians (woman and man) normally not kiss themselves at once when they meet except those who are family or...more

Names in Russia
Jul 12, 2012
Russian names consist of three consecutive components, the name, the patronymic (derived from the name of the father) and the...more
Visas for travel to Russia
Jul 12, 2012

To travel to Russia, you need a visa (like Russian people need in order to go through the countries of...more

Tips for Travelling to Russia
Jul 12, 2012

If you decided to rent a car, in Russia the automobiles are driven on the right side of the road...more

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