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Tips for Online Relationships With Girls
Jul 12, 2012

Don't tell her the history of your life

Remember that you are in the first steps of a new relationship, so it is to premature to talk about that, that surely will be not interesting for a lady in the first date and you also need to leave an air of mystery to catch her attention for a second date with her. 


Watch for your anonymity

Never use your real name, or your real e-mail, Website (if you have one), real physical address, phone or cellular number, information where you work, or any other information in your profile or first e-mails that you exchange with the girls. Always be sure you’re not including personal information, when corresponding with a member via your own email. Don't talk anymore with girls that want to know this personal information or try to use estrange methods or tricks to know them. Take your time doesn’t matter if one week or one month, but is important that you are relaxed with the girl that you selected before talking about your private life. Feel free to make questions about her life and analyze them to be sure with her answers. Always trust in your intuition, move carefully and if you have doubts ask again or cancel (contact us for possible scam) and search for another lady.


Always be respectful and polite

When a girl took some minutes to read your online profile and write you a first letter in response to your online profile, be always respectful and courteous.

If you don’t want to reply to every letter to receive because you don’t like the girl or you don’t have time to start a relationship, at least invest some minutes to write a short e-mail response.

If you don't desire to date a Russian Girl anymore, also let her know your decision with a short letter, telling her that it was very nice the communication with her, but you don’t want to meet her for this moment. Be always polite with your justification, you can tell her that you meet another girls or you don’t have time (if you want to leave the door open for the future), but again always be polite.


Practice caution and common sense

Be aware, the greatest resolution usually directs superior results in online dating. All the girls that are member of these type of mail order agencies known that they must earn the trust of foreign men slowly, and with good acts and with an honest conduct. It your responsibility to test the honorability of the girl that you selected (again take all the time), and pay attention in all her actions (it is important this for the first month). Take a reasonably approach about trusting in a girl you found in an online dating agency. If you discover or feel that the girl is dishonest, contact us as son ass possible telling us her full name and member ID. In real dating or in online dating perform always in a responsible manner. Don't fall in love immediately with the first girl you found and also don't intimate fast with a girl, still if that relationship is only online.



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