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Nov 24, 2013

We wrote this article because we know and understand that perhaps you are dreaming and planning your future with a girl that you found in an online dating website and perhaps the girl you met is unreal or perhaps she is 100% real but she is not telling you the whole truth about her life... yes we understand how do you feel, is badly to know, but we must advice you about this.

You must know and understand that this is not only happens in online dating, our recommendation is to be a bit more aware when you use Internet to date. You may know that also in real life you can meet in night club bad girls with bad intentions... perhaps she needs money or want something more of you, and she does not want you for a real love for ever, making a family with you and also children.

We know some cases of women and also men that make scam for many reasons (to earn money, as fun or because they only want to be bad with someone), and that is not good for us and also for you that you are seeking for real love using Internet.

So please read the following paragraphs with some tips that you can consider always for online dating, in all kind or types of online dating websites and also use some of them for real live:

  • We recommend scam check services, using a third independent company with no relation with the dating website you join. You can find several companies using Google, Bing or Yahoo.
  • These companies will help you to be sure that the girl you are matching is 100% real and not scam, if her name is real, even her physical address (in her city and country) or photographs that you saw in the agency are real?, or perhaps you want to know if she has an illegal background. Background checks service will help you to save your time and money.
  • Try sending gifts using third party companies and with receiver identity check, for girls in Russia, Ukraine or ex-USSR countries. We hope that these services will be a helpful for you.
  • Beware the first time that you contact a girl and you never met her in person (face to face) and she asks for money to buy something for her that is urgent, or for helping her mother or her family or also for visiting you in your country... this is one most commons things that scammers makes so beware, perhaps she could be a scam.
  • Also try to read and learn more about the city and customs where the lady says that she lives. This is an economical way to make the first check quickly and by yourself, that the girl that you are talking really lives in the city that she told you. 
  • Use the videochat option (Anastasia Date offers this option) to see if the girl is real.

Well, now that you read these tips you can feel more secure and try to visit the gallery profile of our website or perhaps you want to visit another dating website to find your love. You are always free of making whatever you want.

Please, keep always in your mind that bad situations could appear online or in real life, so be aware always in your process of knowing and dating girls every time. Be careful in each step use your common sense ALWAYS.

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