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How to Recognize If a Ukrainian or Russian Girl is attracted by you
Jul 02, 2012

When a man looks for a while a girl and he has shows her that she is his possible targetĀ, it is then the turn to the girl to give to this man the necessary indications that she is attracted. These indications are usually nonverbal so this man must perceive and understand them, and this could be a big challenge for him, because he must detect them. The girls must know that most of the men have really a difficulty to understand these signals because they are not good with nonverbal communication as the girls are:

Make contact with eyes
When a girl observes a man that she likes, the best non-verbal gesture of nonverbal communication is making and holding eye touch with that man for a small number of seconds. If she does this, for three or more times, this is a symptom to approach her. If you are a man that wait to many time, she will rapidly drop her attention because you have shown her that you are shy and insecure of yourself. Worse yet, she may suppose you are rejecting her, but the backside of this, don't approach too soon.

This be supposed to be a no a difficult thing to understand. Everyone in this world knows what it means when you smile to another person, in spite of if you know Russian or she speak English or another language. The smile does not have language.

More Signals of Interest
Revealing her cleavage if she sits up straight. Yes, watch for this in a girl. Women usually don't realize they're doing it, but it is a powerful signal. Also some girls lick her lips and also other girls tweak her appearance in any way, such as adjusting her jewelry or playing with her hair. This means she wants to look good for you and wants you to be attracted to her.

And the last Signals of Interest
Playing with her hair and any kind of makeup, means she is trying to shock you. For example if the girl looks to you and crosses and uncross her legs, it is a meaning that she wants to show off her body to you.
Also a signal that some specialists say is that when a girl adjusts her head to expose her neck could be a signal of submission.

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