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Nov 24, 2013

We wrote this article because we know and understand that perhaps you are dreaming and planning your future with...more

Worried about Dating Russian Girls or Ukrainian Girls
Jul 12, 2012

Some dating sites with excellent reputation are scam dating agencies sites and now you will know all about, the hole...more

Tips for Writing your Profile
Jul 12, 2012

Nickname or Username

Please keep away from employing sweet or sexual nicknames, because you will attract the kind of attention that...more

Tips for Online Relationships With Girls
Jul 12, 2012

Don't tell her the history of your life

Remember that you are in the first steps of a new relationship, so...more

Celebration and Parties in Russia
Jul 12, 2012


The parties are one of the best moments in the history of a society, where an entire nation is unified...more

Dating Girls Tips for Men
Jul 02, 2012

A lot of men that date online are dubious of how they should speak in the first date with...more

What makes Russian and Ukrainian Girls special
Jul 02, 2012

Russia and the Ukraine are countries that have old traditions and history which goes behind thousands of years and...more

How to Recognize If a Ukrainian or Russian Girl is attracted by you
Jul 02, 2012

When a man looks for a while a girl and he has shows her that she is his possible...more

Why Russian and Ukraine Girls Seek for Husband Abroad
Jul 02, 2012

When you start to search for foreign girls, perhaps you ask why these girls are searching for foreign men...more

Tips for Mature Man
Jul 02, 2012

From time to time a mature man could not know what they can do in online dating. They know...more

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