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Ivano Frankovsk city tips to date

The city of Ivano-Frankovsk also know as Ivanovo Frankivsk or Stanislaw (it changed nine times its name) and is a famous city situated in southwestern of Ukraine near the Bystritsa River.

It is the governmental center of the region Ivano-Frankivsk province, that is one of the most important of Ukraine (know as Oblast in Ukraine).

The city is the number 3 in population in Ukrainian and is located at the western area of the country with a population of 240,768 inhabitants

Some points about this city to talk with a girl:

  • The city was founded in 1650 by Polish people as most of the old cities; like a fortress. The fortress in the past defended against the attack of the troops of Turkish and Russian forces.

  • In 1962 the city celebrated its 300 years. Since that year the city has a new name: Ivano-Frankovsk (named like this because Ivan Franko a Ukrainian writer and public figure, that has written important literary works).

  • Is a city with warm summers (with an average of 22 C), and very cold winters (with an average of 0C).

  • Some places of interest to talk about: Market square, the Church of the Holy Resurrection, also the Church of the Holy Resurrection and the Churches of Virgin Mary and the Armenian.

  • The city has some beautiful museums and theatres, like the museum of wooden architecture and paint, the Museum of Folk Art Colomeya Gutsulschina, the art museum and musical-dramatic theater of Muсeca and the Philharmonic.

  • They have 6 universities where young people can study (medicine, law, technical, economics, oil and gas and theological). The most popular University of the modern economy: is the National College of Prikarpatie (V. Stefanik). The other universities are the state medical academy Ivano-Frankovsk, the national technical university of oil and gas from Ivano-Frankovsk, the State Institute of decorative art Kosovo, the Institute of management of natural resources and the state agrarian school musical (D. Sichinskogo).

  • The most important industries of the city and region are the chemical, petrochemical, gas and oil-refining agricultural and building materials.

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