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Tips to talk with Girls Brides from Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad is an important city seaport between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea with a population of 430,003 habitants, near the Pregel river and the Vistula Lagoon.

This city Is also know by Russian people as the Russian Hong Kong or even as the European Hong Kong, because their Economic Free Zone, as an Vladimir Putin initiative in the year 2004.


Picture of the Kings Gate

Talking points about Kaliningrad city to talk with a girl:

  • The first construction of the city was the Konigsberg castle in 1255, when it was a Prussian City. Then the city become as a German city until the end of the second war in 1945. The founder of the city was Otakar II by King of Bohemia, who went to the aid of the knights of the Teutonic Order during the occupation and Christianization of the historical area of Prussia, occupied by the Baltic Prussians.

  • Kaliningrad is the only sea port of Russia in the Baltic Sea without ice. For this reason, this port is the headquarters of the Russian Baltic Navy Fleet.

  • Is a city with many museums (Immanuel Kant, the Kneiphof island, and Kaliningrad Amber Museum), universities and research institutes.

  • The most important theaters to watch plays with your bride, are the Regional Drama Theatre, the Young Spectator's Theatre, the Puppet Show and the Philharmonic Society.

  • As we told in the last paragraph, Kaliningrad has several universities, colleges, research institutes and libraries. The most important educational institution of the city is Immanuel Kant State University of Russia. Other important educational institutions in the city of Kaliningrad are the Academy Baltic Sea fishing fleet, the Institute of Economics and Finance and the Baltic Marine Military Institute.

  • Other interesting places to visit with your Russian Bride, are the Kings Gate (is one of the six gates constructed during the 19th century), the Gate of the Friedrichsburg Castle, The Konigsberg Cathedral and another interesting place to visit is the Orthodox Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

  • It has an special economic zone where Hummer, Cadillac and BMW have car plants.

  • Also Kaliningrad has important manufacturing industries, also shipping and fishing activities and associated products with the amber. Moscow has said, that will convert the city region into the Hong Kong of Russia.

  • The city is also famous about their amber jeweler.

  • The Russian people that lives in this city, needs a visa to travel into Russia.

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