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Information about Kharkiv Girls for Marriage (Kharkov)

The city of Kharkov is the second major city of Ukraine. its the governmental center of Kharkiv Region (oblast/province). Kharkov is located in the north-east of Ukraine and has a population of 1,461,300 inhabitants.

The city of Kharkov have a lot of famous girls like Maria Burmaka (singer, musician and songwriter), the model and television host in the United States Juliya Chernetsky (know as Mistress Juliya) and Olga Yuriyevna Krasko know now as a Russian actress.

Some talking tips about this city to talk :

  • The city was founded in 1654 as an station of the Cossacks.

  • Was the first city of Ukraine with a Soviet Government and till 1934 it was the capital city of Ukraine (under the soviet power).

  • It is the principal city of Ukraine in culture, education, transport, scientific investigation and industrial. The most important educational centers are the National Technical University Kharkov Polytechnic Institute and The National Medical University.

  • The temperature oscillates between : −6.9 C (20 F) in winter and and 20.3C (68.5F) in summer.

  • The city has an underground metro of 38kms (24milles) with 29 stations.

  • The city have important museums, like the Police Museum in Kharkov, the Kharkiv Historical Museum, the Maestro Gallery Kharkiv and the Avek Gallery Kharkiv.

  • About theatres to watch a play with your Ukrainian girl, the more important are the Kharkiv Opera and Ballet Theatre, The Russian Drama Theatre, the Kharkiv Regional Puppet Theatre and the Young People's Theatre.

  • The city had in the past two important milestones. The Soviet period and the German occupation in the second war.

  • Nowadays the city has very important industries (private and state-owned) to manufacture electronic instruments and heavy power equipment like Antonov aircraft company.

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Alisa Name: Alisa
Job: Manager
Birthday: Born on March 22, 1988 
Eyes Color: Blue
Body: Height 5' 5 "(165 cm) and weight 101 lbs (46 kg). 
About Her: She understands that each person has their times and must be devoted to their work and family. She is an independent woman that works as a hotel manager, having contact with different people from all over the world every day learning different cultures.
She wants to find a man who take care of her, must be affectionate with her and make her feel a Queen every day. She likes cinema, theater, sports and natural landscapes. She wants to be your company for the whole life and never be bored or feel alone.
Valeriya Name: Valeriya
Job: Dancer
Birthday: Born on October 6, 1993  
Eyes Color: Brown
Body: Height 5' 5 "(164 cm) and weight 108 lbs (49 kg).
About Her: The women of Libra are enchanting and charming; they are the master of the art of seduction. The environment is very important for them, so be sure that the first date is in a elegant and classyplace like a lunch at a bistro and then walk along an open park with trees and flowers in summer.
Her ideal man should be honest, respectful, and faithful and who she can trust. With her, you will find a woman who loves to sing, dance, art, and travel, showing her youth and joy every time.Her base is being sincerity, and she recognizes that truth is the basis of a good relationship.

Angela, 23 yrs

Taytana, 23 yrs

Alyona, 24 yrs

Ekaterina, 23 yrs

Valeriya, 26 yrs

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