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City Information to Date Kherson Girls

The city of Kherson is in the southern region of Ukraine and it is the governmental center of the Kherson region (province. Kherson city has an important port on the Black Sea and in the River Dnieper, near the territory of Crimea.

The estimated population nowadays is 358000 inhabitants. This city is famous also because Salomon Rosenblum, a secret agent and playboy who worked in the British Secret Intelligence and know as the inspiration of Ian Fleming's James Bond histories.

Also in this city born important girls like Tatiana Lysenko an the Ukrainian gymnast, that represent Ukraine in the year 1992 Olympic Games and in the years 1991 and 1993 in the world wide games.

Some tips to talk with Kherson Girls:

  • The city was founded in the year 1778. The first construction was the fortification called Aleksanderschanz. Catherine II ordered the building of that fortress and the construction of a shipyard, calling the city Kherson (a reduction of Chersonesos). The city was founded by Grigori Potemkin.

  • July is the coldest month of the year 19,2 F (-7,1C) and January is the most warmest month of the year are 66,7F (+18,7С).

  • The city has two major ports, one over the Black sea and the other one, over the Dnieper river.

  • As a sea port city, it has the biggest ship factory of the country and region. The usage of railroads and roads gives, to this city the accessibility to reach other cities and countries.

  • The most important industries are Shipbuilding and ship repair (as we mention in the last paragraph), the construction machinery, the agricultural machinery manufacturing, the food processing industry, the cannery industry, the Meat industry, the fishing industry, the mechanical engineering factory and oil refinery, of petroleum from Russia that arrives through pipelines.

  • It has some important museums like Literary Museum Khersonshina and the Kherson natural history museum.

  • The most important theatre to watch a play with your Ukrainian Girl, is the Regional Academic Music and Drama. They also have another theatre for children.

  • The city have well-known institutions of superior education, like: The Kherson State University, The Kherson State Pedagogical College, the Technical University of Kherson State, the University agricultural college of Kherson State and the International business rights.

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