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Tips for Meeting Brides of Krasnodar

Krasnodar is a city in the southern Russia on the Kuban River near the Caucasus, at 80 km northeast of the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk and 1000 km of Moscow.

Is a southern Russian city, in a region with the most excellent climate in the country and possessor of resorts on the Black Sea and in the gorgeous mountains of the Caucasus. It has a population of 5,125,221 habitants Famous girls of Krasnodar are Natalia Chernova (gymnast) and Inna Zhukova (rhythmic gymnast).

Some tips to talk about, if you want to date with a woman of this city:

  • Krasnodar was founded in the year 1794 as a fortification of the Cossacks. The original name of the city signified "gift of Catalina" in gratitude to Catherine the Great.

  • Some places of interest in this city to visit with your Krasnodar Russian Bride, are the Hyperboloid Tower, the State Arts Museum, St. Catherine's Cathedral, theatre Maxim Gorky, the Krasnodar Philharmonic (with the best acoustic in the southern Russia), the Cossack State Choir and the Circus of Krasnodar. The famous postcard of the city is the Shukhovs iron tower, that was built in 1928.

  • The Krasnodar public transport it is based in buses, trolleybuses, trams and marshrutkas (share taxi - yellow cab - in the CIS countries).

  • The temperature may go from -2 C in Winter (between January and February) to above 30 Celsius in Winter (between July and August).

  • In 2010 was listed by Forbes as the first city of Russia for private business.

  • The city is at the same latitude as the Cote d'Azur (the French Riviera) the Krasnodar region of Russia is (that includes Krasnodar city) the only one that merges beaches and mountains.

  • The most important University is the Kuban State University.

  • The city has the following type of industries: Food manufacturing, construction equipment industry, illumination manufacturing, metal working industry, furniture, electronic and instrument.

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1569264 Name: Shyna
Job: Manicure
Birthday: Born on July 12, 1990  
Eyes Color: Hazel
Body: Her Height is 5' 5 "(165 cm) and weight 99 lbs (45 kg).
About Her: She defines as a sexual, sensual, daring woman, affectionate, funny, open-minded, and she always want to experience new things. She is a woman with imagination and very creative, who loves fashion, photography and sometimes she dedicates her time to decorate her friends apartments and houses. She also likes to cook, if you visit her in Russia ask her to cook her favorite dish. Her husband must be intelligent, sweet, sympathetic and also very good lover open your mind and dreams.  Take note that she doesnt smoke and doesnt drink so seems to be a healthy girl.You can conquer and seduce her with your words, also being mysterious, and passionate.

1569148 Name: Ekaterina
Job: Designer
Birthday: Born on October 6 of 1990 
Eyes Color: Brown
Body: Height 5' 7 '' (170 cm) and weight 110 lbs (50 kg)  
About Her: The main characteristics of her character are: affectionate, sexual, elegant, active, hard-working and attentive. She is a very active woman; it is impossible to get bored with her, she likes riding a horse, riding bicycle, yachting, jogging, and wants a man that loves sport like her. She is an excellent Cooker, you can ask her to invent new dishes.She wants to meet a man who can talk and share with her many things, to conquer her you can write about news of the world, history and show your photographs of landscapes to inspire her.

Anna, 20 yrs

Ekaterina, 24 yrs

Anna, 26 yrs

Tatyana, 30yrs

Maria, 28 yrs

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