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Talking Points for Dating Brides from Lvov or Lviv

Lviv also know as Lvov is and Ukrainian city at the west of the country, near Poland. The city is considered as the main cultural center of Ukraine with a population of 759,000 inhabitants.

In the city of Lviv (Lvov) born some famous girls like, Ruslana Stepanivna (World Music Award and MTV Europe Music Award). Also has more famous women like Gabriela Zapolska (she was dramatist and actress) and Maria Konopnicka (that was poet and writer).

Some talking points about Lviv city:

  • The city was founded in 1256, as a Poland City, then was a Austrian city up to 1818 then again become from Poland till the end of the Second World War.

  • It is the most important cultural city of Ukraine, also home of world class cultural organizations, like the orchestra, and the opera ballet.

    They have a strong relationship with Poland (they are near).

  • The most interesting places to visit with your Ukrainian Girl, are the Olesko Castle and the Ryonk Square. People that visited the city recommends the following places to visit: The Old Town, the Pharmacy Museum, the Market Square, the Johann Georg Pinzel museum of Lvov Sacral Baroque Sculpture, the Lviv Chocolate Factory, the Lychakiv Cemetery, the Mazancz Palace and the Zuchorowicz's Palace. The historical center was declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

  • Temperatures in Lviv go from -6.4 C in Winter to 23.7 Celsius in summer.

  • It has important theatres (like the Lviv Theater of Opera and Ballet) and museums (like the Lviv Museum of Folk Architecture, the Rural Life, the Museum of Brewing and the Lviv National Museum Of Ukrainian Art). Also the city has two churches of the fourteenth century.

  • The city is a focal point and industrial hub. It has factories that produce electronic equipment, vehicles, chemicals, textiles and processed groceries. It has connection with all the cities of Ukraine and with all the cities over Poland. Another topic of Lvov economy is the tourism, because it is one of the most visited cities of Ukraine because its architecture and style.

  • The city has the University of Ivan Franko (founded in the year 1661, and one of the oldest of Europe), the Lvov State Medical Institute and the Lviv Polytechnic National University (a technical institution, the oldest one of Ukraine).

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1645165 Name: Maria
Job: Lawyer
Birthday: Born on May 23, 1988 
Eyes Color: Brown
Body: Weight 50 Kg (110 lbs) and height 1.70 cm. (5' 7")  
About Her: he likes to take care about her body because she makes fitness, yoga and swimming, she says that making physical activities is very good to feel agile, strong and healthy.
She likes to use dresses, showing her legs and body, but always with elegance and sophistication, she is a lady 100%.
She is a woman, which manages well the money not spending money on things that are not necessary, this is very important because she will take care of the family finances and teach your children how important it is.She likes psychology, you can talk with her about books that deal this topic, and she is a person that can listen and advice whenever you need.

1646485 Name: Stefaine
Job: Manager
Birthday: Born on April 30, 1992 
Eyes Color: Brown
Body: Weight 48 Kg (105 lbs) and height 1.62 cm (5' 4").  
About Her: She is able to love with all her heart and forgive those errors that you can make, this is very important because she can understand you if make an error, this is not usual in all women. Her body is slight and harmonious; she makes gymnastics, swimming and fitness.
She is a girl that likes sports, she could be your company to watch football, tennis, golf, and all kind of sports that you want to see, she is an excellent companion.She dreams to be a loving wife, and a good housewife. She read books about homework. Even though her youth, she is ready to carry out her home and family.She is an ideal wife.... you can conquer it!

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