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City Tips to Date Girls from Perm

The city of Perm is the governmental center of Perm Krai in Russia Federation, and it is located over the Kama River that divides the city in 2 parts, in the Russian European region near the Ural Mountains. Perm's population is estimated in 990,200 inhabitants.

The most famous Perm Girl, is Natasha Poly, she is known as a Russian supermodel.

Some features about Perm that you may know:

  • The city was founded in May 1723 as a Copper foundry village. During Soviet period the city was named Molotov.

  • The economic expansion was due to the rich mineral deposits that were found in the surrounds of the city. Is a city with a wide range of industries that include, defense supplies, oil production and refining, petrochemical and chemical, timber and wood handling and also food industry. Also have scientific institutes.

  • The city is recognized in Russian and outside by their Opera and Ballet (Tchaikovsky founded in the year 1870), The Academic Drama Theatre, the Young Spectator Theatre and the "\Near the Bridge┬Ł Theatre.

  • Their most important museums and art galleries like The Museum of Ethnography of the Perm Territory, the Museum of the Wooden Architecture of Khlovka, the Museum of the Motovilikha factories, the Museums of the State University of Perm (paleontological, zoological and the history of the university) and the Museum Dolls.

  • The most interesting places of the city are the Peter and Paul Cathedral, The Perm Art Gallery and the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery, The Karl Marx and Razgulyai Street, the main avenue is the Lenin Street, the city's main square is Oktyabrskaya, Komsomolsky, the building of the Kama River Shipping Company and the Palace of Labor Juvenile'Creative.

  • Perm have winters with a temperature approx. of -15 C in December, January and summers that are usually sunny and warm, with +25 in July and August.

  • The most important universities are the State Academy of Medicine, the State Pharmaceutical Academy of Public Health and Social Development and the State Institute of Art and Culture.

  • Perm is a railway hub in the course of great railways of the world: the Trans-Siberian, the Trans-Mongolian Railway and the Chinese Eastern Railway. Near the city is the international airport of Bolshoye Savino.

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1574798 Name: Svetlana
Job: Teacher
Birthday: Born on August 26, 1981. 
Eyes Color: Blue
Body: Height 5' 6" (168 cm), weight 114 lbs (52 Kg).  
About Her: She practice Christian religion, and have very important family values. She describes herself as good, lovely, feminine and sincere. In the picture you see an angelic and innocent woman, with a special brightness that can seduce any one. She has a harmonious body because she likes swimming, her legs are long and well shaped. She is Interested in fashion, films and theater.
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1278586 Name: Ekaterina
Job: N/A
Birthday: Born on September 27, 1986  
Eyes Color: Gray
Body: Height 5' 9 "(175 cm), weight 114 lbs (52 Kg).  
About Her: She never married, and we can say that she is a young, independent, funny, intelligent, and loving woman. Her favorite color is white, for that reason purity, innocence and sweetness are some of her features. Her hobbies are dancing, traveling, and modeling (her body and height help her walk with great style). What is her style of man? Must be powerful, intelligent, in few words a person who admire and be a model to follow. If you want to conquer her, you can talk about your work, your responsibilities and your goals.
One of her wishes is to travel to Brazil and Jordan, talk about these countries, this can be a way to contact her.

Ekaterina, 30 yrs.

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