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City information to date St Petersburg Girls

St Petersburg (known in the past as Petrograd or Leningrad) with a population of 4,661,219 inhabitants is a city and a federal city of the Russia Federation situated close to the Neva River in the Finland Gulf (the Baltic Sea).

Some famous girls of Saint Petersburg are Tatiana Nabieva (gymnast), the tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova and Anya Rozova, America's Next Top Model (Cycle number 10).

Some features about St Petersburg:

  • Also known in the past as Leningrad.

  • It was founded in May 27 of 1703 by Peter I. Its intention was to be the new capital, and in it was capital of Russia from its foundation 1712 until the year 1918.

  • The Historical area of the City and the interconnected collection of Monuments was selected in 1991 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • It was the first capital city of the Russian Empire until 1918, when the government was moved to Moscow.

  • It’s known as the trading gateway to Russia. It has important financial and industrial companies. A wide range of companies that cover oil, gas, IT, military equipment, metallurgy, chemical and medical, and more.

  • Hermitage Museum (the major museum of the city and also from Russia) the Peter and Paul Fortress (the heart of St. Petersburg, it was the first place of the city), the Cathedral of St. Isaac (the most important church of the city), the Russian Museum (where is the major compilation of Russian art) and the Catalina Palace in Pushkin (it was the summer house of the Russian tsars).

  • About weather, in summer the average temperature is 22 Centigrade and in winter the average temperature is -35 Centigrade.

  • Petersburg have very interesting places to visit with your bride, like the Admiralty Gardens, Aleksandrovskiy Park, the Alexander Nevskiy Monastery, the Armenian Church, the Artillery Museum, the Arts Square, Avtovo Metro Station and other nice places.

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: Born on June 27 of 1988    
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Elena, 25 yrs

Marina, 31 yrs

Lenaria, 24 yrs.

Svetlana, 33 yrs.

Nataliya, 28 yrs

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