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City Information To Meet Uzhgorod or Uzhorod Girls

The Ukrainian city of Uzhorod also known as Uzhgorod is a city situated in western area of Ukraine country, at the edge of Slovakia and Hungary (southwest area of the East Carpathians). Its the governmental capital of the Zakarpattia region and Uzhhorodskyi Raion (know as district in Ukrainian).

The river Uzh, divides the city in two parts know as the new part zone and the old part zone. It has a reduce population of 116400 inhabitants, but with very sexy and cute girls to meet.

Some characteristics of Uzhgorod to talk about. with the girl you want to meet:

  • Seems that the city was founded in 903 approx. by Ancient/Early Slavs tribes (today Slavic nations) and the name have relation with the river that divides the city.

  • In the past, the city was part of Republic of Czechoslovakia (until the First War) and part of Hungary (until the second War).

  • The Uzhgorod industries include the production of machine tools, wood based products, construction equipment, instruments, gas, chemicals and food processing.

  • The best places of interest to visit with a girl, are the University Building, the city museum, the city castle (Uzhgorodsky castle), the cathedral, the city church, the square theatre and the Korzo zone (the heart of the city with shops and banks).

  • With your girl, you can also invite her to watch a play in Uzhgorod Drama Theatre.

  • Another tour that you can make with your bride, is to the museums of the city like the Museum of Local History, or the Folk Architecture and Life Museum or the Zoological Museum.

  • They have winters with averages temperatures of -4 Centigrade and summers with averages temperatures of 19 Centigrade.

  • It have universities about technology, electronic, music and arts, so perhaps your girl can be a specialist in one of these areas.

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Marianna, 34 yrs

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Zhanna, 66 yrs

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