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City Information to Date Volgograd Girls

The city of Volgograd also known in the past as Stalingrad is an important industrial city and the governmental center of Volgograd Region in the Russia Federation.

The city is at 80 km north-south located on the western margin of the Volga River and has a population of 1,011417 inhabitants.

Some of the famous Volgograd Girls are Anna Chapman, (Anya Kushchenko) the Russian spy agent who discovered in the United States and Natalia Shipilova handball player (2007 World Women's Handball Championship).

Some features to talk about Volgograd:

  • The city was founded in the year 1555 as a military fortification. The fortress was founded with the intention of defending the unstable the South region from the Czarist Empire, becoming with time an important hub of trade, transport and commerce.

  • The main economic activities of Volgograd, include shipyard, oil refining, steel and aluminum production, production of machinery and cars, and chemical.

  • About the weather, Volgograd have winters with temperatures about -10 Centigrade and summers with temperatures of +26.9 Centigrade.

  • The most interesting places of Volgograd to visit with your bride, are Square of the Fallen Volga Embankment, the Volgograd Hotel, the Lysaya Gora (bald Mountain), the Watchtower, Museum "Stalingrad Battle", the Panoramic Museum and the Mamaev Hill. Also some theatres like the new experimental and the Ballet and Performing Arts.

  • Volgogrado, is considered as a university city and it is one of the most important student and scientific centers of the southern region of Russia. The most important universities of the city are, the State University, the Technical State University and the Pedagogical State University.

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