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City Tips to Date Yalta Girls

The city of Yalta is situated in Crimea at the southern area of Ukraine at the north coast of the Black Sea surrounded by mountains full of trees, with a reduced population of 110159 inhabitants.

In the city of Yalta born the famous girl Julia Vakulenko a professional Ukrainian tennis player.

Some talking points about Yalta:

  • The city was founded in the year 1145 as an antique Greek town. Starting the XV century Yalta city and others areas of the southern coast of Ukraine, were a piece of the princedom of Feodoro, and it was occupied by Christian people.

  • It have 2 beautiful beaches that are Blue Flag (certification of the Foundation for Environmental Education) since May 2010.

  • The weather in Yalta has winters with average temperatures of 4 Centigrade and summers in July with average temperatures of 24 Centigrade.

  • In this city in February of 1945 took place the Yalta conference where was taken the famous photo of Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt to plan the final approach to the Nazis.

  • Yalta has a wide range of industries, going from wine processing to tobacco processing. Also the tourism industry, is an important economic activity.

  • The most important universities of Yalta are, the Crimean State University, the Medical University, the Institution of Construction and Food Technologies and the University of Management.

  • The city has numerous cinemas, restaurants, cafes, bars, discotheques, and large outdoor markets. Yalta is one of the most expensive cities of Ukraine; the average prices are close to western countries prices.

  • The most interesting places of Yalta to visit with your bride, are the Sea Promenade (Naberezhnaya), the Armenian Church, the Roman Catholic Church, the Yalta's cable car, the Renovated Hotel Taurica, the Alexander Nevsky. Cathedral, the Palace of Bukhara Emir, the Yalta's Zoo and Aquarium with dolphins.

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1111754 Name: Naila
Job: Secretary
Birthday:  September 14, 1984
Eyes Color: Hazel
Body: Her weight is 114 pounds (52 kgs) and her height is 5' 5" (164 cms)
About Her: She as a college degree and she work as secretary. She says that her English skill is beginner. What she says about her character?  She says that she is a very adventurous, optimistic, cheery and very active.  She thinks that the family must be always on the first place of her life. What she likes? She likes outdoor activities (especially those in contact with nature) like going to the mountains and lakes, camping, listening music (including hard rock), dancing and also spending time with her daughter.
She is looking for a serious man who must be her best friend, open for new things, be a good father and have good sense of humor.
1585152 Name: Nataliya
Job: Administrator
Birthday:  February 11, 1988
Eyes Color: Green
Body: Her weight is 99 pounds (45 kgs) and her height is 5' 4" (162 cms)
About Her: She as a university degree and she work as administrator in a company. Her English skill is beginner and never married.   She defines her character as caring, sensual, organized, positive, loving and communicative that likes to spend time with friends making outdoor activities. She has interest in the movie industry especially in the cinematography.
About sports she likes billiards, volleyball and bowling. Also she is interested in animals (she loves dogs) and listening music like Dance and Pop.She is looking for a man to be her adviser, friend, lover and supporter.  
Also he must be adventurous, caring, energetic, strong, sociable, sincere and with sense of humor.

Ekaterina, 25 yrs.

Nataliya, 25 yrs.

Anna, 24 yrs

Ekaterina, 24 yrs

Marina, 22 yrs

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