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City Information to date Zaporozhe Girls

This Ukrainian city is known as Zaporizhia or as Zaporozhe. The city is located at the south-central area of Ukraine, next to the Dnieper River (it have a river port). Its the governmental capital of the Zaporizhia province and also the capital of Zaporizkyi district.

It's the city number 6 of the country (Ukraine) with a population of 781.600 inhabitants The most famous girl of this city is Olga Kurylenko (James Bond Girl at Quantum of Solace).

Some tips about Zaporozhe city to know:

  • The city was founded in the year 1770 as a military fortification. Zaporozhe was named as Aleksandrovsk by the commandant of the first Russian army, Prince Alexander Golitzin. It was renamed in the year 1921 as Zaporozhe (literally, "behind the rapid", because the rapids that had the Dnieper river near Khortytsa island).

  • This city hosts the biggest nuclear plant of Europe. This nuclear plant, plus the electricity generated by oil, support a wide range of industries (aluminum and iron metallurgy, and also chemical laboratories are the most important economics engines of this area).

  • Zaporozhe is one of the most attractive cities of Ukraine with many parks, green areas, orchards and flower gardens in their main streets.

  • The most interesting places to visit in Zaporozhe with your bride, are their museums and The Khortytsa island (which is a popular place for the residents of the city). You can visit the museums on the island of Khortytsa, like the museum of the Local Lore, the Cossack Museum and the Regional Art Museum.

  • Talking about theatres, the most important is the Horse Theatre.

  • About the weather Zaporozhye have summers with temperatures of +25 Centigrade and winters with an average temperature of -3 Centigrade.

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