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Russian Gastronomy
Jul 12, 2020


All of us know that the typical food of Russia is not as popular as other countries foods in Europe (such as Italy, France or Spain). Reading this article you will notice that they have a wide range of principal dishes and desserts that must have a greater diffusion due to its exquisites.

Russian Gastronomy
The Russian cuisine derives from several rich dishes, due to the multicultural and diverse of the country, as well as its size and geographical possibilities.

Russian cuisine culinary fundamentals in the food of rural populations of Russia located in places with very different characteristics, and with extremely cold weather. The gastronomy of Russia is varied, tasty and flavored, its cuisine blends the best cuisines Eastern and Western, offering sweet and sour flavors.

The Russian typical dishes contain enough calories, cause more energy is required to deal with winter and look like the dishes of other Slavic countries. The most typical and recommended Russian specialties are different forms of soups and stews with different aromas and flavors, all of them elaborated with meats and fish

It is normal to want to know about the food of the country of your possible bride, so we have created these gastronomy articles to guide you. For a better understanding, we have divided the information into different sections:

Section One: Russian food with the description of the typical food Russian with examples of most popular dishes. 

Section Two: Guide to local fast food, based on the traditional Russian cuisine.

Section Three: Dictionary for eat in Russia with the words and expressions more ideal to understand the Charter, to request food in a restaurant or bistro.

Good thing that you must know, is that the restaurants, bistros and pubs are open all day, not only for lunch and dinner hours, so you can eat at any time.


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