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Russian Foods - First Part
Jul 12, 2020

A Russian traditional meal, is composed by a Starter or appetizer (they call it "zakuski"), which may be of any type of cold dishes like salads or warm dishes like a hot soup (it is usual for them cold soups in summer). You can also see two starters; one is the soup and other type of appetizers.

Russian Food

The second dish, usually consist of a hot and strong dish, for example, with meat or chicken with garrison.

Last but not least, a coffee or tea always together with the dessert. The Russians do not take a dessert separately and then a cup of coffee or tea as is usual in other occidental countries. The most common deserts to accompany with a tea are sweet. 

This order does not mean that all Russians stay behind, but most of the people who eat in their homes, start with a soup and then eat a second dish, or just eat a dish (a strong one). As in many other countries, the food at home is different from food in restaurants and cafeterias.

Side dishes

As already discussed, in Russian it is called "zakuski", and they can be small hot or cold dishes of large variety, including caviar, pickles, dishes based on fish, meat and vegetables or salads.

There is a salad named "Olivie", and it is very popular. It is considered as an invention of a French cooker, but the original form was completely changed. This salad is similar in something with the "Russian salad" (known in occidental countries), but has different ingredients (the only coincides are the potatoes, peas and mayonnaise). This salad is always in any Russian party, and it is typical dish at the end of the year.

Another known salad is called "Herring under shelter" or in Russian "Seliodka pod shuboi", is made with herring topped with potatoes, beet, carrots (all cooked vegetable), egg, mayonnaise.

Another typical salad is called "Vinegret" and contains vegetables (beets and boiled potato, marinated cucumber, peas, onion), all dressed with oil.
Finally, another popular salad is called "Mimosa". It is a salad with marinated mushrooms and some with cooked beets mixed with other ingredients. 

All these salads can be tested in a house, in Russian restaurants, fast food or also buy them in supermarkets.If you want to know more about Russian Food, click here


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