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Some false Myths about Russian society
Jul 12, 2012


The Russians (woman and man) normally not kiss themselves at once when they meet except those who are family or friends who have not seen much time ago and are very excited with the moment.

The men of the north of the country greet a man or a woman with a squeeze of the hand and women only incline their head and say "Priviet" (that means Hello in Russian language). The people of the South of the country can be more expressive, so some of them could give you a kiss. 

Russian Myths
In winter, people of Russia do not skate on frozen rivers and channels as you may think or view in TV or films, because the ice is not flat and also it is covered with snow. Strange as it may seem for you, only the foreigners of warm countries, could believe that. 

It is very important to know before taking about vodka, that the statistics says that 30% of the Russians claim that never drink alcoholic beverages. The myth of Russian people drinking vodka, and broking the cups of glasses is not true. The authentic approach of drinking vodka by Russian people is the following: (First) the vodka is never mixed with other drinks or beverages. (Second) The ice is never in the cup, the whole bottle must be frozen before drinking. (Three) the Russian people never drink vodka before or after eating, but is accompanied with "zakuski" (cold or hot appetizer dishes consumed before the proper meal). 

When it is winter and it is cold, the Russian people have cold as anyone of this world. Since children they are habituated to wrap and shelter as soon as the temperature decrease, for not passing cold and not constipated. So for Russian girls is usual the usage of gloves, scarves, caps, Leotards or half wool under pants, winter boots and more.

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