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Tips for Travelling to Russia
Jul 12, 2012

If you decided to rent a car, in Russia the automobiles are driven on the right side of the road and move forward on the left side of the same.

You should be very careful with the speed because the police can stop you, to get fines. Be careful not pass traffic lights with yellow light and also much attention because Russia practice zero tolerance for people who drives under the influence of alcohol.

Russian Travel Tips

Places for parking a car in hotel and public areas are usually expensive; it costs around 35 Euros per day.

If you need to go to a supermarket, please note that there are expired products. Take this warning, because it is frequent that they want to confuse the consumers with expiration date, saying that is the date of production of the product.

Russians are generally kind and helpful except on rare circumstances. If you wish to travel by metro (one of the most extensive in the world and great style), tickets are purchased upon entering to the station. To take a bus, a woman approaches you to sale the ticket for the bus before boarding.

The electric plugs are usually round pin, and the electric voltage is currently 220 volts.
Monuments and tourist areas have different prices for the Russian people and for tourists.
 If you want to go for shopping, for example in the city of Saint Petersburg, next to the Cathedral of the Holy Blood spilled there is a tourist market, with quite a few posts where to buy the famous Matriuskas (which are not Russian, they are Eastern origin), Russian icons, well know them polychromatic eggs, and other souvenirs.

If you are shopping in Moscow near the St. Isaac's Cathedral there are souvenirs stands. You can also find the Hostiar stores that are close to the Church of our Lady of Kazan. In the Peter and Paul Fortress, there are several shops selling typical objects and skins, Fox scarves, necks, typical Russia caps and others, but at reasonable prices. In the Centre, you will find stores with Western products and cafeterias.

In Moscow is an ideal place for shopping; the old park in Smailova, today converted into a closed place where tourists pay to access and the local Russian people no. Everything can be found for the tourist as well as cafes and folk music. In its surroundings is the famous market of Asians, many jobs with sale of clothing, shoes, toys, among others.As in other parts of the world, you can also find products from china at incredible prices.


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