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Safety Tips to Travel to Russia
Jul 12, 2012

Russia has many big cities with many people and many tourists, and, as in any large city you must take care about your safety.As in any city, pickpockets are the most common problem. 

To avoid a theft and the uncomfortable situation that generates, well hide your wallet with money and other documents like identification card, credit card and other valuables in internal pockets e.g. camera, cell phone. Never use the external pockets or bags to carry these important objects.

Safety Tips

If you walk to move in the city, avoid very crowded public transport and in a restaurant or Café do not leave the backpack on the Chair or on the view.

In general thieves in Russia not tend to be violent, for example is not usual seeing a theft using a gun or pushing someone to steal. The most common situation to find thieves is waiting for a mistake of someone to take the opportunity. There areas of action are always the same: tourist sites (City Centre), subway (central stations, entrances to the subway), public transport (bus), cafe and restaurants with tables outdoors.

When you go walking to see monuments and museums not carry much money (€ 100 per day is enough) and is not necessary to carry your documentation, credit cards (carry at least one), divers license (except if you rent a car), sun glasses, cell phone, among other things.
Is highly recommended that you leave all these things or at least the most important in a safe place, and take only what is necessary to use for each day.

If you like to go out at night, is better with Russian friends and also do not carry valuables. If possible use official Taxi ordered by phone (they are usually red) and ask for the cost of the trip before you get in. Please note that taxi operators usually speak only Russian, so you should need assistance.

You should always be with your Passport, but if it is lost or stolen it will be difficult to recover it fast, so we recommended you making a photocopy and leave the original in your lodging / hotel.

In Russia, it is common to use private vehicles as taxis because they are cheaper than official taxis. We recommend not rise one if there is a person in the car with the driver and always trade the price before getting in. If you have any questions or you don't like something of the car, leave it.

Change your money only in official exchange centers, which are generally subsidiaries of banks.

Always keep the door of your hotel room closed, being inside or outside. Do not open the door to strangers and always be careful with people you know in a discotheque, in a night club or in a bar.

If you have money and you are not used to travel alone, hire the services of a tourist guide or ask to a friend about teaching you about the best options respect to food, shopping and transportation.


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