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Entertainment and night life in Russia
Jul 12, 2012

In the following paragraphs we explain bit about the most interesting entertainments of Russia, for Russian people or for tourists.

Russian Night

The Russian baths (Banja)

Russians like to go to banja searching relaxation, comfort and moments of coexistence: is an experience that should be tested in your trip to Russia. The banja is known since the 16th century and still today you can find banja in lots places of the city. The parilka (the sauna cabin), is the center of the banja. In the entrance you can buy a venik (a bunch of birch branches), so you can rub your body in the parilka to activate your blood circulation. At the end of the session you can take a bath with cold water.

The Mariinskij Theatre

It is the theatre of Opera and ballet most important of St. Petersburg and one of the largest theatres of the world. It creation was dedicated to the wife of Alexander II (Maria) their theater, body of dance (ballet) and Orchestra are also well-known as Kirov, the name that they adopted in the Soviet period. Their Orchestra and dance Corps are the best in the world. Here they have danced Barishnikov, Nureyev and Natalia Makarova; here has struck the music of Tchaikovsky, Mussorgksy, Prokofiev and Stravinsky; also in this company born greatest choreographers like the Swan Lake, Peter and the Wolf, among others. 

The Russian circus

It is one of the most famous circuses of the world. With noble origins, this circus was founded by Gaetano Ciniselli (a renowned italian circus entrepreneur who came to St. Petersburg from Italy in 1869) to give life to one of most beautiful circuses in Europe. As in the past, the shows are held under the great dome (of 50 m in diameter) of the Palace of circus that Ciniselli built in 1876. The circus company has 150 artists: acrobats, animal trainers, clowns, etc.

Russian Folk show

The majestic and elegant Nikolaevsky Palace houses the Russian folk show, a ballet show and Russian choirs. Although it is a show specifically planned for tourists; it is really interesting and fun, that shows the true traditions and genuine of the Russian soul. Choirs and folk dances from various Russian regions (mostly Cossack) take place in a festival of choreography and colorful suit.

Other activities 

After fall of the USSR in the early 1990s the night lives of Russia change a lot. At the present in the main cities of Russia exists a wide range of clubs, bars, discos and cafes. There are sites for any taste. Usually, Russian young people go from one place to another during the night. They tend to start the night in a bar, where they can drink and talk and then go to a night club till dawn.

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