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Things to Buy from Russia
Dec 12, 2020

When you are in Russia searching for girls, you may also want to buy something to remember your trip. The most interesting products of Russia to take home are the crafts of wood (like the matrioshkas, lacquered boxes, Santa Claus and wooden toys dolls), metal trays, hand-painted porcelain and flax (cheap of good quality and easy ironing). A good place to buy gifts or souvenir in Moscow is the street "Old Arbat", a pedestrian street in the center of Moscow, full of shops and stalls, with all kinds of restaurants. 


Gifts to Buy



In your trip to Russia (especially Moscow) you must visit to the Okhtny Ryad Moscow shopping center. It's an underground Mall built in the mid-1990s, as a symbol of the new Russia which arose after the end of communism. 

If you want to buy original caviar to take home, take care that you are only allowed to get out of the country up to 200 grams of black caviar per person (equivalent to 2 small cans per person). Red caviar has no such restriction (and is tastier and also cheaper).

Different cities of Russia offer a wide range of souvenirs, including articles of the handicraft and light industries. A good souvenir could be any handicrafts carved in wood or bone, painted wood object, ceramic, icons, glass, amber, leather with embossed ornaments, objects of artistically carved metal as well as textiles of all kinds, particularly embroideries and tapestries.

Many tourists acquire objects made of papier-mache (paper - mache) with artistic and lacquered painting, manufactured by artisan of Palej (a village where arose these souvenirs). The products of this village are distinguished by the refinement and the thoroughness of their implementation and also by the rich colors and furnishings. The majority of objects made in this way are kits, cases and brooches. Also you can find other articles similar to Pálej, from the towns of Mstiora and Fedoskino but their products reproduce motifs of Russian folk tales, scenes from the life of the city and the countryside, and Russian landscapes.

You can find elegant gifts, like tablecloths, covers pillows, napkins or tissues.

For more than 300 years, there is the craftsmanship of the village of Jojloma. Their artistic objects made in wood, with striking paintings in black, red and gold attract the attention of the tourist. Spoons, glasses of different forms and trays are painted to look like Old Russian style.

Tourists are always are attracted by the matrioshkas. They are wooden dolls, painted in bright colors. Each one carries inside one, two, three or up to a dozen smaller dolls. These dolls are a good decoration for a room and an original gift for your family and friends, because they are not expensive and representatives of Russia.



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