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Chelyabinsk is a Russian Federation city with a population of 1,07174 persons located east of the Ural Mountains and near the Miass river.

Some Chelyabinsk famous girls are Irina Shayk (beautiful model), Svetlana Bazhanova the Olympic champion in 1994, and Yekaterina Gamova the volleyball player

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Some talking points about Chelyabinsk to talk with the girl of this city that you want to marriage:

  • Chelyabinsk city was founded in 1736 as a military fort by Colonel Tevkelyev and was a key city for the construction of the Siberian Railway.
  • In the decade 1930, a lot of industries established their plants in this city.
  • During the second world, the city produced a lot of tanks. Therefore is also known as Tankograd city.
  • Also, known as a center of nuclear projects in Russia.
  • It has more than ten universities, three of which are the most important (South Ural, Chelyabinsk State, and Chelyabinsk Medical University).
  • The most important places that have the city to visit with your girl, are the regional museum, the picture gallery, Kirov street, the puppet theatre, the city park, and the Music Hall.
  • Is one of the most important industrial areas of Russia (with metallurgy, electronic, and also military factories).
  • The city has four subway lines to transport its population.
  • In 1957 there was a serious nuclear accident in the reprocessing plant of Mayak (150 km. northwest of the city) with nuclear fuel, causing deaths in the Chelyabinsk Oblast, but none in the city.


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Name: Mila
Job: Manager
Birthday: April 11, 1987.
Eyes Color: Green
Body: Weight 60 Kg and Height 1.80cms (5′ 11″)
About Her: As an Aries woman, she is hot-blooded and vigorous, so you must be able to handle her! Aries girls tend to live adventurous lives and like to be always the center of attention. Her interests are: watching good movies at the cinema, going to the theatre, listening to good music, and also watching sports events. You can talk to her about your favorite movie or song, and about tennis and soccer, she loves sports, you must ask her which sport is her favorite.


Name: Marina
Birthday: June 5, 1991
Job: Teacher
Eyes Color: Brown
Body: Weight 50 kg and Height 1.64 cm. (5′ 9″).
About Her: A very cute girl, innocent and loving as you can see in her photo, she is the perfect combination of girl-woman that makes her exciting. She defines herself as a simple person, cheerful, eager to have fun, and with a good sense of humor, who needs to experience the world. As a Gemini woman, she has the ability to react to situations, and this is important because she can help you to find the answers to your problems. She loves children and has the sensitivity to understand and advise them, she will be an excellent mother and wife.


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