Christian Russian Girls & Ukrainian Brides

Christian Russian Girls & Ukrainian Brides

Meet sexy and single Christian Girls of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova or other CIS country using our dating agency website.

Our online partner dating agency, offers to Catholic or Christian men the possibility of meeting Christian girls of Russia or Ukraine with Christianity habits and beliefs.

In our definition of Christian we include Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist and also others.

Catholic Russian Brides


Some Tips to Talk with a Chirstian Girl

Religion plays an important job in public life and spiritual life of Russia today and most of believers belong to the Orthodox Christian church. Russia adopted Christianity under the sovereignty of Prince Vladimir of Kiev in 988, in a ceremony filled with Byzantine practices.

With over 5000 religious groups, Orthodox churches involve more than a half of the total number of registered spiritual associations in Russia.

Some statistics estimate that the percentage of believers in the Russian Federation is 40%. Most of the religious in Russia are Christians. Today Russia has 83 communities and the apostolic administration in relation with the Vatican has been established in Moscow and Novosibirsk. They have four bishops and 165 priests working in Catholic churches (Approx 1,300,000 in Russia)

All Christian/Catholic girls believe in God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth teachings and in Virgin Mary (the catholic ones). They visit Catholic Churches, some of the catholic girls went to church on Sundays and also believes in the eternal life.

They are all of them, looking for dating and marriage a single man that belief like her and lives in Christian countries or Cities over the whole World. For example if you live in United States (where the country where 85% of the people are Christian) you will feel good with your Christian girl life.

So if you are a single man looking for dating using Internet, browse and search our Christian Russian Girls profiles, to find your future Russian Bride and start your Christian family!



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