How to Recognize If a Ukrainian or Russian Girl is attracted by Foreign Men

When a guy stares at a Russian Girl or Ukrainian Mail Order for an extended period of time and makes it clear to her that he is considering her as a potential partner, it is the girl’s responsibility to demonstrate to the man that she is interested in him by providing him with the required signs that she is attracted to him. Because these signs are often nonverbal, the guy in question is required to observe and comprehend them; yet, this might prove to be a difficult task for him because he is required to recognize them. Because most males are not as skilled with nonverbal communication as girls are, they have far more trouble comprehending the signals being sent out by women. The girls must be aware of this fact.

Make contact with eyes

Making and maintaining eye contact with a guy who a woman finds attractive for a brief period of time is the most effective kind of nonverbal communication a lady may use while she is observing a man that she finds attractive. If she does this at least three times, it is a sign that indicates you should talk to her about it. If you are a guy who waits for an excessive amount of time, she will quickly lose interest in you since you have given her the impression that you are timid and uncertain of who you are. Even worse, she could think that you are turning her down, but the positive side of this is that you shouldn’t approach her too quickly.


This shouldn’t be anything that requires a lot of brain power to figure out. Whether you speak Russian, English, or another language, everyone in this world understands what it means when you smile at another person. It doesn’t matter what language they speak. The grin is silent and cannot be understood.

More Signals of Interest

If she sits up perfectly straight, you can see her cleavage. Yes, keep an eye out for this quality in a female. It’s something that women do all the time without even realizing it, yet it sends a strong message. In addition, some of the females will kiss her lips, while others will fiddle with her look in every manner they can, such as rearranging her jewelry or messing with her hair. This indicates that she wants to present a nice image for you and that she wants you to find her attractive.

And the last Signals of Interest

If she is attempting to startle you, you will notice that she is playing with her hair and using some kind of cosmetics. If a female crosses and uncrosses her legs while looking at you, this might be a sign that she is trying to convey the message that she wants to show off her body to you.

In addition, the adjustment of a female’s head to expose her neck, which some experts believe is a sign of surrender on the part of the girl, is another one of those signals.


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