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Muslim Girls in Russia

While the Russian Orthodox Christian religion is the most popular in Russia, Muslims do not face discrimination or strange looks because of their beliefs. In contrast to many European countries, where Islam was introduced by migrants, many indigenous peoples in Russia practiced Islam and coexisted with Christians for centuries. During Soviet rule, however, believers of any faith were subject to harsh persecution. After communism fell, people quickly turned back to traditional religions like Christianity and Islam.

Muslims are an aboriginal population of Russia. The history of Islam in this territory is older than the Orthodox Christian faith.

Russian Islam is traditionally represented by the Sunni interpretation that gives legislative theological school (mazhab) Kanafita and Chafiita.

According to the Orthodox Church of Russia, the number of Muslims in Russia nowadays reaches a number between 12 / 14 million people. Russian sociologists talk about a much lower number say about 4-6% of the Russian population (about 8.5 million of people). Furthermore, the CIA says that in Russia there are 27 million Muslims, and the Council of Muftis (an Islamic spiritual center) of Russia talks about 20 million.


Muslim Girls in Ukraine

The amount of Muslims in Ukraine is also important. Since its independence in the year1991, the amounts of Muslims increased with the Crimean Tatars that have returned to Crimea. The Muslim population of Ukraine is divided into various ethnic groups, but most are of Tatar origin. According to different statistics, today in Ukraine more than 2 million inhabitants profess Islam. About 300 Muslim communities operate in the country.

Perhaps you know or perhaps you do not know, but there are some famous Muslim Russian Girls, like Ralifovna Safina (Singer born in 1983 that compete in Eurovision Song 2000 and 2009 ) and Dinara Safina (Tennis Player born in Moscow in 1986).


What’s good about Muslim Russian girls and Muslim Ukraine Girls

Russian women in general have a lot to offer. They are pretty, smart, feminine, and care about their families. They are wonderful moms and loving wives. That’s why so many men from outside Russia want to come back with a bride. Feminism, on the other hand, has made more and more Russian women decide to put off getting married so they can focus on their jobs and hobbies. They are financially stable, sure of what they want, and ambitious. On the other hand, Russian Muslim women are good examples of femininity and traditional family values. Obviously, if you marry a Muslim Russian girl, you’ll get a lot of good things out of it.


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