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Pskov Pskov city is a very old city situated in the northwest of Russia at 20 km east of the Estonian boundary, near the Velikaya River. The city has a population of 202,780 persons.

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Interesting highlights to talk about this City with your Russian Bride.

  • The city seems to be founded in 903 and seems to be the oldest city in Russia, named in the past as Pleskov city. The name of the city, originally spelled Pleskov, perhaps can be translated as “city of the waters pure.”.
  • In the XIV century, the city functioned as a sovereign republic until 1510, when the Russians took the city.
  • Is known as an industrial city, with a food industry, mechanics, and textile.
  • The most interesting places are the medieval Kremlin, (known as Krom by the people of Pskov), which is a historical construction of the city, and one of the most important places of interest in Russia. Other interesting places are the street named Krom, the oldest Monastery in Russia, and the Pskov Monastery of the Caves.
  • The most important Museums are the Museum of History and Fine Arts and The Alexander Pushkin Estate.
  • About the theatres to watch a play with your Russian Bride, the most important is the Academic Drama and the Green Theatre.
  • About the city’s weather, it has winters between January and February at -5 C and summers between July and August at +18 C.
  • The most important educational center is the Pskov State Pedagogical University.


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 Name: Svetlana
Job: N/A
Birthday: Born on July 30, 1984
Eyes Color: Brown
Body: Height 5′ 10″(179 cm), weight 130 lbs (59 Kg).
About Her: She does not practice any religion and she never married… for this reason, she is open to meeting a man with any habits. She evaluates her English language level as intermediate. She is a mature woman, and it is important because her character is calm, patient, responsible, and friendly. She enjoys reading good books and being able to learn new things. She is always ready to surprise you and if you want to communicate with her, you can tell her about your country, customs, and landscapes. She wants to receive letters from a robust, mature, and hard-working man, to live a story of love with him.


Name: Elena
Job: N/A
Birthday: Born on August 13, 1983
Eyes Color: Brown
Body: Height 5′ 2″(158 cm), weight 108 lbs (49 Kg).
About Her: In the photo, you can see a conventional and quiet woman. Her appearance transmits peace and sweetness. She is a woman with experience, who knows to cook, how to take care of your home, how to listen, and likes to talk about interesting topics. She needs a man who must be her partner in life she will take care of him and dedicate her time. To write her, you must show yourself as kind, serious, and with good intentions.
For this woman, family is the most important; family for her is the most valuable gem that one can have, and she will be an excellent wife.


Elena, 41 yrs           Galina, 54 yrs.         Svetlana, 26 yrs     Taytana, 41 yrs

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