The day of Saint Tatiana

Within the borders of the Russian Federation, the celebration of Saint Tatiana doubles as a day dedicated to students.

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On January 25, 1755, Elizabeth, a beautiful Russian Empress, gave the order to inaugurate the first University of Moscow, which has since developed into the cultural epicenter of Russia and a place where people are free to think and speak their minds freely. Saint Tatiana, who was martyred for her Christian beliefs, is venerated on the 25th of January according to Orthodox custom. In Russia, a student cathedral dedicated to Tatiana has been constructed in her honor.

Since that time, Saint Tatiana has come to be venerated as the patron saint of learning.

The day of Tatiana has evolved into a day of celebration for those who pursue a profession in higher education. After the alcoholic beverages are consumed during the New Year’s party, it is time for the examinations (in Russian universities and colleges the exams begin just after the New Year). After the student has completed all of the activities that are connected to their education and obligations, they are awarded the well-deserved and aniseed Tatiana day so that they may rest.

This day is considered to as a chilly winter day that is often observed by students of all generations in the form of congratulations and emotions of appreciation for all of their professors who have taught them science with devotion, patience, and dedication. The people of society who devote their time to creating, display their willingness to learn and make an effort to uncover and discover are celebrated on Tatiana Day. There is no question about it. Tatiana Day is a feast. Because of this, it is imperative that one expresses one’s best wishes and pleasure to pupils of all generations as well as to teachers.
Who exactly was Saint Tatiana?

Tatiana was a Roman woman who was born to aristocratic parents and passed away close to 225 years after Christ. Her grandfather was elected to the position of Consul of Roma three times. Also was a Christian in the shadows, and he brought up his daughter in the Christian religion. Tatiana made the decision to be a celibate Christian once she reached adulthood and dedicate her life to serving others who were afflicted with illness and poverty.

When Alexander Severus took control of Rome (222-235), all of the authority was vested in the Regent Ulpian, who was a vicious foe of the Christians. During this time, Rome was ruled by Alexander Severus. In order to make a sacrifice to God at the Temple of Apollo, Tatiana was forced to go there as a prisoner. She denied this, therefore on January 12, along with her father, she was decapitated after being subjected to torture (according to the Julian calendar).

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