The Orthodox Christmas Celebration in Russia

If you want to date online Russian Girls, you must know that the most significant time to celebrate for Christians is the holiday known as Christmas. Celebrations commemorating the arrival of Jesus Christ take place in Russia on January 7. This occasion is observed as if it were a get-together with one’s family, and it is carried out in a cozy and sentimental setting, with everyone sending their love and best wishes.

The reason that the Catholic and Orthodox churches celebrate Christmas on different dates is that the Catholic Church follows the Gregorian calendar, which was established by Julius Caesar in the year 47 BC, while the Orthodox Church follows the older Julian calendar (BC). On the other hand, Catholics and Protestants use the modern Gregorian calendar. This calendar is a modification of the Julian calendar that was first introduced by Pope Gregory XII in 1582. Pope Gregory XII made this change because there were certain discrepancies that had occurred between the civil calendar and the astronomical calendar.

Many Orthodox churches have continued to use the Julian calendar despite the fact that all Orthodox countries have now officially adopted the Gregorian calendar (although some of them didn’t do so until the beginning of the 20th century).

The period of preparation known as Lent precedes the event. On Christmas Eve, followers of the Orthodox faith are instructed to follow the ritual of eating only seeds of wheat that have been soaked in water. One other custom dictates that the supper must wait until the first star of the night is visible before it may begin.

The Russian people celebrate the Orthodox Christmas holiday with a variety of music, popular games, and other forms of entertainment. The Russian people exchange chocolates, candies, and many other gifts throughout the Christmas season; nevertheless, the most meaningful gifts are their good wishes for the recipient’s health, happiness, and love. So you need to send to your Russian Girlfriend some kind of beautiful messages or cards and if you can, also a small Christmas Gift.

All of Moscow’s over 800 churches come together to celebrate Christmas Mass, and some of those churches even have chapels. More than 29,000 churches may be found under the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church around the globe. This day also marks the celebration of the Orthodox Christmas by the churches of Jerusalem, Serbia, and Georgia, as well as Catholics of Eastern liturgy (for example, the Greek-Catholic Church of Ukraine), and those Protestants who use the Julian calendar.

You can search lots of videos on Youtube to see how Russian people and especially Russian Girls celebrate their Christmas, this will help you to understand better their customs and have talking points with her, asking about this special time, like if she gave gifts to her parents, what did she ate and much more questions that you can ask to someone that spent time in Christmas.  Remember that at this time of the year, the weather time in Russia is very cold, so most of the people spent in their houses not going out.


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