Tips for Online Relationships With Russian Girls

First of all, PLEASE don’t tell her the history of your life, as the first step of a relationship.

Keep in mind that you are in the beginning stages of a new relationship, and as such, it is too early to talk about that. This topic is likely not going to be interesting for a lady on the first date, and you will also need to leave some air of mystery in order to capture her attention and get her to agree to a second date with you.

Watch for your anonymity

Never use your real name, your real e-mail address, your real physical address, phone or cellular number, information where you work, or any other information in your profile or the first e-mails that you exchange with the girls. If you have a website, don’t put it in your profile unless it’s your actual website. When communicating with a member using your own email, you should take extreme caution to avoid adding any personally identifiable information. Stop talking to females who are interested in knowing such private information, and don’t make any further attempts to get to know them via weird or deceptive means. Take as much time as you need; it doesn’t matter whether it’s a week or a month; what matters is that you feel comfortable with the female you’ve chosen before you start chatting about your personal life. Feel free to quiz her about her life and then evaluate her responses so you can be certain of what she says. Always put your faith in your gut instincts, proceed with caution, and if you have any lingering questions, either ask again or back out completely (get in touch with us if you suspect a fraud) and look for another woman.


Always be respectful and polite

Always be nice and kind if a lady takes the time to read your online profile and then sends you the first letter in response to your online profile.

Even if you don’t want to react to every letter you get because you don’t like the lady or you don’t have time to start a relationship, you should at least take a few minutes to send a brief e-mail answer to every letter you get.

If you have decided that you do not want to date a Russian girl any longer, you should also let her know your decision by sending her a brief letter. In the letter, you should tell her that the communication that you have had with her has been very pleasant, but that you do not wish to meet her at this time. You should always be nice while explaining your explanation. You might tell her that you met another lady or that you don’t have time (if you want to keep the door open for the possibility of a future relationship), but you should always be polite.


Practice caution and common sense

Be aware that the highest resolution will almost always steer you toward better outcomes while online dating. All of the women who sign up with these kinds of mail-order services are aware that in order to win the confidence of men from other countries, they must take things gently and have an honest and decent demeanor. It is up to you to determine if the woman you have chosen to date is honorable (once more, take your time with this step), and you must pay close attention to everything she does (it is important this for the first month). When it comes to putting your faith in a woman you met via an online dating service, you should exercise caution. If you learn that the girl is being dishonest or have the feeling that she is, please get in touch with us as quickly as possible and provide us her entire name and member ID. Whether you’re going on actual dates or using online dating, you should always act responsibly. You shouldn’t rush into falling in love with the first lady you meet, and you shouldn’t rush into being sexual with a girl, even if your relationship is only conducted online.


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