Tips for Writing your Online Profile

The first question you make when you start writing your profile to date sucesuflly a Russian Bride or a Ukrainian Bride is: I will use a Nickname or a Username?

Please keep away from employing sweet or sexual nicknames, because you will attract the kind of attention that you do not want to treat, believe me.  For example, scammers search for this kind of nickname because they think it is easy to cheat.

Please pay extra attention to this, because is your first feature on the dating site (is like your face). The user name is the first step and is an important thing, because every girl, even Russian or from Ukraine will see it. After setting this, the girls will make their pronouncement, if she contacts you or not. Be cautious. You can be the most beautiful, intelligent, sexy man in the agency or even in the world, but try to not use obviously names like sexual names. Girls will refuse to answer a user with nicknames that are a bit offensive, horrible, or crude, believe it or not, there are a lot of these kinds of users online.

Please if you want to be successful don’t use usernames that are just downright silly. Girls really reject to join any type of conversation (email, chat, or phone) with a man with the username sweet-man, lovely man, and so on. Also please, don’t use hot/porn usernames, because not only the girls will not contact you, surely you will be banned from the dating agency.


Take the time you need to write your online profile in a Russians Brides Agency

Your online profile must give an idea about you to the girl who will read it. Reading the profile, she must guess or deduce which type of man are you. Mention some details that will make you stand out from the others.

It is better for you and for the girl, that if you enjoy doing nothing (like watching TV in your home), than boxing or extreme sports, you must say so that to the girl you are contacting. You don’t desire to know and date a girl who seems to be a good date for you but suffers a phobia about something that you really like.


Keep a high-quality Profile

A good ad will help you! Yes, a better description of your bio will give you superior replies from Russian brides with serious and real interests in dating and marriage.



To start with your principal profile page, make efforts to make it great and unique, remember that is your special page. Do not put the photographs in groups with other people like friends or family on your principal page. Most of the Russian dating sites gave the users sections to upload their own album photographs.

You ensure that the photograph that you selected to use in the home of your profile is a grabber of attention for the girls. We do not mean that you must look splendid as a model in the photograph but please, put the best picture of you, make the best than you can be.  If you search for younger girls, start with melodramatic make-up and strange colors of hair, but this will not work for all younger girls and also it will not work if you have 40 years old or more. If you have facial piercings please remove all of them and all the earrings except two per ear.

Please balance the hairs of the eyebrows, ear, and nose using a scissor.  If you are extra hairy, shave please in the bottom of your neck and the upper part of your trunk. There are a lot of women that do not like men with too much hair.


Make a creative profile!

Make your profile exclusive and exceptional with a unique heading, and unforgettable experiences, and always try to show a good sense of humor. Remember to market yourself with the best things that you have or do!


Describe who are you honestly always

Describe your telling always the truth. Write about your height, weight, hairstyle/color, way of life, eye color, and true age. Please be 100% honest with your description like when you meet in real life a girl that sees you because if your relationship continues she will want to see you by video chat to know really how are you… and if you lied you will be in trouble. For example, do not describe yourself as Leonardo Dicaprio, and you actually are 50 years old and a bit fat.


List why your like (interests and hobbies) 

Take a minute to think about your hobbies and interests, because if a lady reads your profile and shares with you her interests, it’s more probable that she will write you.


Don’t Create or Build a “shopping cart” of girls

Don’t waste your time writing lots of conditions of how your Russian lady should be. Invest your time to describe yourself the better you can with more details and leave it to the Russian woman who is also searching like you, to decide if she feels that she matches you.


Check your grammar and also spelling 

Previously pressing the submit button of your profile or bio form, check again and again in the whole fields that the spelling and grammar is correct. Please don’t use it in your profile when your write capital letters “LIKE THIS ONE”. Writing all in capital letters is a rude thing for people who uses the internet for communication.


Start slow

While dating girls over the internet, You must be always careful of who are you contacting, even if the girl seems to be an angel. Begin by communicating with her solely via email or perhaps online chat. Be on guard for strange behaviors or contradictions. Try to “Listen” or “read” your correspondent’s girl’s words. The girl at the other end of your letter may not be who claims to be. Trust in your instincts, so if you don’t like something, contact us with your name and member Id. So we can act if it is necessary.


Describe exactly what you want of a girl

Who should the person you want to meet be? Be specific about what you are looking for, what you are looking for a girl or woman that will be the mother of your children and your partner for the rest of your life.

What should the person look like? Should she be a smoker or a non-smoker? Like parties, going to the cinema, pubs, walking, or like to be at home watching TV or cooking? She should have children or not? Are you looking for a date, a  romance, or a marriage?


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