City Tips for Dating Tver Girls

TverTver is a city of the Russian Federation with an estimated population of 405500 inhabitants north of the capital city of Russia, Moscow. The city is at the union of the rivers Volga and Tvertsa. The most famous girl of Tver is Anastasia Dobromyslova a professional darts player.

Some talking points about Tver:

The city was founded in the year 1135. In the beginning, it was a small town of Novgorodian merchants and in 1209 was transferred to Prince de Vladimir. Later the principality of Tver was transformed into one of the richest and more important regions of Russia.

The University of Tver (agricultural, tech, and medical) is the most important in the region and also with a high level.

The main industrial activities of the city, are power engineering (railway equipment), mechanical engineering, chemical, textile, and also the food industry.

The weather in Tver has hot summers with temperatures of +30 Centigrade and cold winters with -10 Centigrade.

The most interesting places to visit with your Bride, are the Trinity Church and many buildings with great architecture of the historical of Soviet times.

Places, the most interesting theatres are the Academic Drama, the State Youth, and Puppet Theatre.

If you travel to Sumy to meet beautiful women, you have some interesting options to select from. For example, you can lodge in the Tver Park Hotel (the closest of Tver of style family, three-star hotel), Osnabruck Hotel (with a capacity of 19 rooms), the Tver Park Hotel (a style economy located in the Southeast neighborhood, at 20 minutes walk time from the Centre).

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Name: Alisa
Job: Manager
Birthday: June 06 of 1985
Eyes Color: Blue
Body: Her weight is 125 pounds (57 kgs) and her height is 5′ 7″ (171 cm)
About Her: She evaluates her English skill as fluent and she also speaks Spanish fluently. Her religion is Roman Catholic. She is a smart, sporty, sweet, and sexy woman. She is an excellent cook her favorite meal is breakfast, think about waking up with a delicious breakfast. She likes to travel, learn about museums, and churches, learn many languages, and learn about different cultures.
Her favorite sports are races (especially speed and car), so think about going with her to a car show. She wants to fall in love with a serious, honest, and mature man, who must treat her as a Queen.


Name: Alexandra
Job: Student
Birthday: March 30 of 1989
Eyes Color: Brown
Body: Her weight is 125 pounds (57 kgs) and her height is 5′ 8″ (173 cm)
About Her: She evaluates her English skill as fluent, this is important because you can write letters in English and she will understand the meaning of each of your words. She is funny, simple, juvenile, and optimistic. She has a healthy life, doesn’t smoke, uses little makeup, rarely drinks alcohol (mostly social), and takes care of her body making gym, to stay beautiful through the years.
What she is looking for? She wants to meet a man between 20 – 35 years; he must be romantic, with a good sense of humor, and adventurous.



Elena, 28 yrs.           Alisa, 25 yrs.          Alexandra, 21 yrs      Ekaterina, 34 yrs           Margarita, 24 yrs


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