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Ekaterinburg (know also as Yekaterinburg) is an important city in the central area of the Russian Federation and the fourth in Russia with a population of 1,364,621. It is near the Iset river and near the Urals mountains.

One of the most famous girls of Ekaterinburg is Irina Antonenko, who won the title of Miss Russia in 2010

Some talking points about Yekaterinburg city to talk with a girl:

  • The city of Yekaterinburg (Ekaterinburg) was founded in the year 1723 by Vasily Tatschev and its name alludes to Saint Catherine, wife of Emperor Peter the Great.
  • In the past, the name of this city was Sverdlovsk.
  • On 1 May 1960, a U2 spy plane of the United States, piloted by a CIA Agent (Francis Gary Powers) was shot down near this city.
    During 1930 was one of the most important industrial areas of Russia and during the Second World, many factories moved to this city.
  • Ekaterinburg has one of the most important train stations of the Tran Siberian Railway and Yekaterinburg has an international airport called Koltsovo.
  • The city was also known as the former Soviet Union, as the city which had the highest density of shopping centers: This characteristic may give you an idea of the prosperous progress that has been experienced over the past years. It also produces heavy equipment, steel, chemicals, tires, and oil. Gem cutting is one of the most important industrial activities of this city.
  • One of the strangest and most interesting attractions of this city is the keyboard huge monument.
  • Yekaterinburg is well-known for its interesting theaters, and some of them have very popular and important theater companies, like the Sverdlovsk Academic Theater of Musical and the Comedy Yekaterinburg Academic Ballet and Opera Company.
  • In Yekaterinburg city, there are over 30 museums: numerous museums of jewelry and minerals of the Ural, and a few art galleries. One of these galleries has the largest compilation of moldings Kasli.
  • Ekaterinburg is one of the sites of the World Cup 2018.
  • In winter the temperature falls to -45 Celsius (-49 F), though 20 to -25 degrees Celsius (like -4 Fahrenheit). The summers are short, with warm weather with a temperature of +18 degrees Celsius (like 64 Fahrenheit).


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Name: Ekaterina
Job: Interpreter
Birthday: March 03 of 1989
Eyes Color: Blue
Body: Her weight is 116 pounds (53 kgs) and her height is 5′ 7 (170 cms)
About Her: She evaluates her English language level as intermediate but she speaks German very well. Sometimes she is introverted (shy) and sometimes extroverted; she is a combination of an Angel and Devil, and her innocence could be stung. She is a kindly and honest woman, who dislikes false people. To seduce her, show you as you are, without masks.
She likes to wear tight clothing, cute cleavage, and red nails, showing her sensuality.


Name: Lidia
Job: Tell Later
Birthday: 12 April 1983
Eyes Color: Blue
Body: Her weight is 125 pounds (57 kgs) and her height is 5′ 6 “(168 ctms),
About Her: She loves sports, does not smoke, she is a healthy, active, and strong woman with whom you can go out to run in the morning to keep you in form. She also likes to visit the theatre and museums. The most important features of her personality are romantic, loving, sophisticated, and a great confidante. She wants to find her soul mate, to make her feel complete, secure, and confident. The phrase that guides her life is “Enjoy every moment of life”, for that reason she likes to travel and learn about new places.


Ekaterina, 21 yrs        Irina, 39 yrs               Elena, 25 yrs           Olga, 31 yrs           Lidia, 26 yrs

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