City Tips to Meet Vladimir Girls for Dating

Vladimir is a city of the Russian Federation situated on the Klyazma River 200 kilometers east of Moscow and it’s the governmental center of Vladimir Oblast with a population of 315,954 inhabitants.

Some interesting talking points to use with Vladimir Girls:

  • The city was founded between the years 990 and/or 1108 as a military fort to protect the Rostov-Suzdal Principality. Its foundation is accredited to Vladimir Monomakh, prince of the dominant Russ of Kyiv. In February of 1238, the Mongol army took Vladimir city under the command of Batu Khan.
  • This city host one of the most important rocket base in Russia.
  • Vladimir city has a wide range of industries; electrical, chemical and food processing factories.
  • The most important places to visit with your bride, are the Golden Gate, the Dmitrievsky Cathedral, the Uspensky Cathedral, and a multiplicity of churches.
  • It has one of the oldest Museums in Russia, the Regional History Museum, also the Art Gallery, the Old Vladimir, and the children’s museum.
  • It has lots of theatre options to visit, like the Lunacharsky Drama, the Puppet Theater, and also the Evening Theater.
  • If you plan to visit this city, the climate temperature of the city is about +18 Centigrade in winter and an average temperature of -11 Centigrade in summer.

If you want to visit Vladimir city to date local Russian girls, you can stay in one of these hotels: The Golden Gate Hotel (only 4 minutes walk from the Centre), Russkaya Derevnya Hotel just 11 minutes walk from the Centre, the Vladimir Hotel (three-star Vladimir hotel is family-style) and The Prince Vladimir hotel (Five star, and with 40 rooms).

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Name: Inna
Job: Student
Birthday: 20 October 1987
Eyes Color: Gray
Body: Her weight is 110 pounds (50 kgs) and her height is 5′ 4″ (163 cm)
About Her: She does not like to smoke and drink sometimes. She doesn’t work, she is a student. She evaluates her English skill as intermediate and her religion is Russian Orthodox. Her character is calm, positive, and creative and she is very innocent. She is a woman, very feminine. Her favorite clothes are short dresses with pastel-colored. Who is her ideal man? He must be a kind person, cheerful, respectful, and sympathetic. You can talk with her about some of her interests, like theatre, film, and art films.

Name: Lyudmila
Job: Architectural Designer
Birthday: 12 December 1986
Eyes Color: Green
Body: Her weight is 123 pounds (56 kgs) and her height is 5′ 3″ (160 cm)
About Her: She evaluates her English language skills as advanced and speaks German. She is a brilliant girl, who loves to study languages, and for this reason, she can help you to learn and speak new languages very well.
She is an Architectonical Designer, so she is a very creative woman, an excellent artist, observer, with new ideas and lots of imagination.  She is searching for a man with a good sense of humor, seriously, who likes to travel and know new cultures.



Valeriya, 23 yrs.       Ekaterina, 30 yrs.      Igna, 29 yr        Nataliya, 31 yrs             Inna, 23 yrs


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