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Profile Reviews and City Information to Date Sumy Girls

The Ukrainian city of Sumy is a city next to the Psel River at the northeastern part of the country and is the government capital of the region of Sumy. It is a city with a population of 2.83700 inhabitants.

Sumy is the city were born, the President of Ukraine (period 2005 – 2010).

Some characteristics to talk about Sumy:

  • The city was founded between the years 1652 and 1653 as a Cossack military fortification. In the First century before Christ, the current territory of the region of Sumy city is the area where the first Slavic tribes lived.

  • The Sumy area produces the 40% of the petroleum of Ukraine, having other industrial activities like Gas, mineral production, mechanical and food processing.

  • The weather in winter is not too cold with −6.9C (20 F) in January / February and not too much cold in winter, with averages temperatures of 20.3 C (68 F) in July / August.

  • The most important places of interest in Sumy are the museums Fine Arts and Local Lore. It also has nice parks like the children’s park Skazka and the Central Park.

  • The most interesting theatres to watch plays with your girl, are the drama and musical comedy and the children and youth. About Museums, the most important are the Museum House and the Regional Art Museum.

  • The unique University of the city, is the Sumy State University.

  • If you travel to Sumy to meet a girl, one of the most intersting hotels, is the Hotel Ukraine. This hotel provides the comfort of a two star hotel in Sumy. This establishment is economic and is located in the Southeast neighborhood at 4 minutes walking from the Centre of Sumy. Another Hotel is the Pan Hotel, an family-style hotel that is equipped with every comfort and is located in the Southeast District, at 6 minutes walking from the Centre.

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1613238 Name: Elena
Job: Nurse
: Born on November 12, 1986  
Eyes Color: Hazel
Body: Height 5' 3"(160 cm), weight 121 lbs (55 Kg).  
About Her: She works as nurse, and studies for a degree of doctor, she can always take care of you and also spoil you if you need it. She does not like to smoke or drink alcohol, so her body is vital and very sexy. She is full of style and intrigue, charming and strong woman.
She likes to travel, meet new places and people, you can talk with her about your country, your people, your religion and your customs.
One of her hobbies is singing (her friends says that she sings well) so you can ask her to sing your favorite song and listen her beautiful voice. She wants to be a complete woman and wants to find a strong, protective, responsible and loving man to date and married.
1606026 Name: Olga
Job: N/A
: Born on July 5, 1975  
Eyes Color: Gray
Body: Height 5' 5"(165 cm), weight 105 lbs (48 Kg).  
About Her: One of the characteristics of her personality is her responsibility, she is a woman that you can trust, because she fulfill all her promises all the time. Sports had influence her character; achieve goals and do everything possible to get them is important for her. She is an unpredictable woman, she doesn't like the routine, but this is good because she will be a wife that can surprise you at anytime.
She loves reading, painting and singing, with her you can visit many places e.g., opera, theatres, art galleries and museums. Her favorite phrase is "healthy mind, healthy body", for this reason she does not smoke, and drink alcohol, she likes to make gym. Her dream is travelling to Japan, she is interested in their culture and cuisine. You can conquer her, talking about this and plan a travel to Japan with her to enjoy this beautiful country.
To fall in love with her, you must be an intelligent, educated and lovely man, Dont forget it!

Nataliya, 34 yrs.

Irina, 23 yrs.

Ekaterina, 22 yrs

Svetlana, 27 yrs

Viktoria, 34 yrs

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